Tree Surgery and Arboriculture Specialists in Colchester, Essex

The team at M.J.GREEN have a wealth of experience with trees at all stages of their development, from young trees right through to the largest and most mature of specimens, in all types of locations such as confined spaces, near fixed structures and alongside busy roads. We are used to planning our work alongside EDF, BT, Highway teams and Mobile Elevated Work Platform Operators. We provide Tree Surgery and Arboriculture Services to Essex and the Colchester areas. Call today on 01206 825 503

  • We have a reputation for undertaking all kinds of tree maintenance sympathetically taking the time to balance and shape a tree as necessary.  We have done this work in Castle Park Colchester and Colchester Cemetery for many years - and both sites have won National Awards.
  • We pride ourselves on removing all timber and arisings and leaving our worksites clean and tidy - some private clients have been surprised to find we have removed debris that was there before our arrival!
  • We also take care of the environment.  We were the first Contractors on the Cuckoo Farm Site Colchester, where we removed a hedge of trees ready for the construction of the Weston Homes Community Stadium, and set up a dozen large stag beetle piles. 
  • Where there are trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders or in a Conservation Area, we will negotiate with the Local Authority about what needs to be done and submit the application forms.

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